Black bean Enchiladas

An enchilada is a corn tortilla wrapped with a filling and covered with tomato sauce.You can use different types of filling such as black bean,re-fried beans,potato,zucchini,cheese etc..,

Prep time: 8mins
cook time: 20-25mins

1 Can black beans -wash & rinse can beans and set aside
2 zucchini finely chopped
1Green bell pepper finely chopped
1 medium onion finely chopped
1/4 cup Tex-Mex cheese
10 corn tortilla-Heat a pan and warm the tortilla

For seasoning:
salt to taste
1tsp groud cumin powder
1tsp red chili powder
pinch of turmeric
1tsp ground coriander powder
1/2tsp dried oregano leaves
pepper to taste

Heat  large skillet with oil over a medium heat.Cook onion for few minutes and then add rest of the vegetables (green pepper,zuchini). until they’re tender.
Add black beans and all the seasonings.Mix thoroughly and allow it cook for 5 mins and set aside.

-Preheat oven to 350F and fill the warm corn tortilla with spoonful of the black bean filling, cheese then roll and place in the baking pan.In the similar way make the rest 9 enchiladas.
-Pour  homemade enchilada sauce mixture and sprinkle with some cheese. Bake until the cheese melts for about 20 to 25mins. Serve with guacamole.

-Warm the corn tortilla before adding the filling or else they would break.



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