Homemade Sesame seed powder

Homemade sesame seed powder is prepared by dry roasting sesame seeds along with red chili.Perfect for sprinkling it on top of steamed beans,roasted bell pepper,steamed carrot,steamed beetroot and squash.Also a easy side for steamed rice or cooked quinoa or soups.

Click below links for some recipe ideas for how to use sesame seed powder in a curry/soups/rice.

Bell pepper fry
Carrot rice with roasted sesame seed powder
Tomato pulusu(soup)
Bottle gourd curry
Easy Quinoa Pulihora (Lemon Quinoa with roasted sesame seed powder)

Cook time:10mins

1 cup sesame seeds
4-5 dry red chilies
pinch of salt

-In a large skillet dry roast all the ingredients on a medium low heat until fragrant,aromatic and seeds starts to splutter.
-Turn off the heat and allow it cool.
-Blend into a powder and store it in a air tight container.Use as needed.CF7B9F58-33E8-48BE-858C-5BDCC3D41B65


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  1. Ramyarecipes says:

    Authentic gun powder.. šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘

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