Uttapam (Lentil Pancake)

Uttapam is a thick lentil gluten free pancake. The Batter is prepared using urad dal and rice. You can add different vegetable toppings like onion,tomato,bell pepper,carrot,green chili, cilantro etc…,Serve with coconut chutney or onion chutney.

Prep time:5-10mins
Cook time:20mins

2 cups Idli batter homemade or store bought(Check this link for batter)
oil as needed
1 cup finely chopped vegetables(Onion,tomato,green chilies,cilantro,capsicum)
-Heat a griddle on a medium heat add few drops of oil and spread it evenly using a onion this will prevent the batter from sticking to the pan.
-Pour one ladle full of batter like a pancake and gently spread it should be slightly thicker.
-Sprinkle the topping and gently press with spatula so that the topping stick to the pancake. Add few drops of oil around the pancake.
-Cook it covered on a medium low flame for approx. 3-4mins until golden.
-Remove the lid and flip to the other side cook for a minute or two.
-Transfer to a serving plate and serve hot with chutney.

-If the batter is too thick add few drops of water.
-You can also add grated ginger and cumin seeds for some extra flavour.
-For Kids you can be creative by adding some pizza topping and cheese.Serve it with some tomato ketchup.

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  1. Megala says:

    Looks so delicious !

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