Bread paneer roll

Easy and quick delicious snack.All you need is 3 ingredients bread, paneer and spices.It is so filling and carry this snack for road trips.

Prep time:5 mins
cook time:10 mins
Author : Deepti

4 whole wheat bread slices or any bread of your choice
For filling
1 cup grated paneer or tofu
1 small onion finely chopped
1 tomato finely chopped
1 small boiled potato mashed(Optional)
1 tbsp ginger chili paste
1 tbsp pav bhaji masala or garam masala
1/2 tsp red chili powder
salt to taste
1 tsp oil
few drops of water to seal the edges of the bread

-Trim the edges of the bread and roll out each bread slice with a rolling pin and set aside.
-Heat a pan add oil once hot enough saute onion,tomato,ginger chili paste ,salt until soft.
-Add potato,paneer ,seasoning.Mix it thoroughly and set aside.
-Take a bread slice and add the filling roll it and seal the edges with water.
continue the process for rest of the bread slices.
-Heat a pan with few drops of oil and place the bread rolls roast until it is crispy on all the sides.
-Transfer onto the plate and serve hot with some tomato ketchup.

-Substitute paneer with Tofu as a dairy free alternative.
-Use bread of your choice and follow the same recipe.
-You can also use mixed vegetable filling instead of paneer filling. Options are endless 🙂

Bread Paneer Roll

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  1. Such an interesting use of bread! Looks delicious. 🙂

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